Online Sports Betting Guide

Online sports’ betting has opened up this popular Australian pastime to a whole new group of punters. From the comfort of their own homes, Australians of all betting and sporting persuasions can now put their money on just about any sport, almost anywhere in the world. But, with thousands of sites offering a countless array of betting options, you may have been too overwhelmed to place a wager until now, especially if you are new to online sports betting.

What you need is a sports betting guide. Even the most experienced of bettors never make a move before consulting their go-to sports betting guide and neither should you.

We’ve done an exhaustive search to find the best betting sites for Australians and, in addition to top odds and a fine gambling experience, each of them offers a complete and up-to-date sports betting guide to keep you informed about the latest game statistics, betting odds, sports rules, available bets and more.

For online sports betting novices, there is a lot of information to process before making a wager. By consulting a good sports betting guide, beginners can really even the playing field and place strategic bets, based on current, accurate information.

To begin with, sports betting guides show newbie bettors pretty much exactly what they can expect when they bet online. They allow bettors to build up a sound and current knowledge base of relevant statistics, player and team pedigrees, updated rules, and other determining factors.

Each of the sites on our list offers a sports betting guide that furnishes this kind of information or, where relevant, points you in the direction of the best place to find it.

You will also find simple and easy-to-understand explanations of all terms and betting types for the various sports offered on their books.

TOP sports betting guide SITESOctober 2018
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Sports Betting Guides for Pro Punters

No matter how long they’ve been in the game, expert bettors know that the dynamics of sports betting are anything but static. That’s why they continue to review the sports betting guide of their sport/s of choice before every single wager.

Practised punters also gain an edge by signing up accounts to multiple online sportsbooks so that they can consult a variety of sports betting guides, ensuring that they always have access to the best odds, payouts and more.

Learn the Ropes with Sports Betting Guides

Online sports betting has something for everyone – from old Aussie faves like online tennis betting, football, horseracing, rugby, football and cricket to international games like gridiron football, to fringe sports like surfing, and everything in between.

The comprehensive sports betting guides provided by our online sportsbooks will teach you the ins and outs of your sport of choice. They will educate you about the rules and update you about recent and historical statistics, injuries, the state of the track or field, weather conditions, and everything else you need to know.

Best Sports Betting Guides Australia

Sports betting may remain, to some extent, a game of chance but, unlike with many other forms of gambling, you can have strategy on your side.

Instead of shadowboxing, learn how to strategize by having a good sports betting guide in your corner.  Simply select any one or more of the prestigious Australian online bookmaking sites on our list and discover the exciting world of online sports betting. Winning wagers await!