Best Rugby Betting Online

Rugby is the type of sport that has a certain cult following amongst its fans. Fans are passionate, are intensely loyal to their favourite team, they will travel the world to watch their team play certain fixtures. In most cases, rugby fans are incredibly knowledgeable about the game. Knowing so much about the game, about your team, and about the individual players within that team, it seems to make sense that you might as well apply this knowledge somewhere else. If you’ve never tried it before, you really should experience the thrill of Rugby betting at one of Australia’s finest online sportsbetting sites, which we have listed here for you.

In general, most Australians will support the Wallabies, the Australian rugby team. When most of the information you get in newspapers and on the radio is focussed on the Wallabies, it makes sense that you might focus your energy on betting on fixtures that involve the Wallabies. However, the great thing about the top online Australian betting sites is that you can place a bet on any fixture that is listed on that site.

So if you think that this week the Springboks might be giving the All Blacks a thrashing, then why get involved with Rugby betting and place a bet on that fixture. Or if you fancy taking a bit of a risk, why not look for some great odds, that Japan will beat England in their Rugby World Cup pool game. Sure it might be a long shot, but if it turns out to be correct, you could take home some big winnings.

There are a variety of bets that can be placed in terms of Rugby betting. The simplest type of bet is betting who will win a certain fixture. You don’t have to think too hard, or get too complicated. Just bet on who you think will win. Of course, it is worth your while to find out who is offering the best odds, as often bookies will offer punters different odds. So have a look around, and find the odds that work best in your favour. Don’t let this problem be daunting to you though. We have taken the problem of finding the best bookies out of your hands! Our team has researched and found the very best online Australian sports betting sites, best in terms of safety and security, in terms of ease of use, and in terms of offering the best odds, amongst other things. So just take a look at the list of sites that we have listed here, and you will be able to quickly and easily compare odds between the sites.

TOP rugby betting SITESOctober 2018
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Rugby Betting Options

Options for Rugby betting and the types of bet you want to place are numerous. You might want to predict the final score, or possibly predict how big the winning margin will be. Perhaps you feel confident in guessing how many tries a certain player will score, or who will kick the winning penalty to take the game. Spend a little bit of time before each game reading up about the teams and players involved, just to give yourself the best chance of betting correctly. Rugby betting really is a whole lot of fun, and without a doubt it will add an extra edge to the next Saturday evening fixture. The excitement is always that much more when you have some money wagered on the game!