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Australians are known around the world as a rugby-loving nation, and the reason for this well-deserved reputation is especially evident on National Rugby League match days. These hugely popular sporting clashes draw supporters and punters in their droves, with NRL betting often overshadowing betting on horses.

Add to the thrill of watching the matches by placing real money wagers on them at these recommended websites. These user-friendly sites accept a range of convenient and secure banking methods, allowing you to bet on matches, tournaments and players with a few clicks of your mouse.

A PC or laptop, and an active internet connection are all you need to enjoy online betting action, suspense and great winning opportunities.

These top NRL betting sites offer a huge range of betting options, from standard win bets to more complex options for punters who know their rugby. You could seriously increase your chances of reaping rewards by placing multiple bets on matches and tournaments.

The most common bet on league matches, placed by Australian punters, is the win bet. This is a wager placed on one team to win a match.

Some of these great sites offer live betting. This option allows you to place bets after a match has already begun, as well as betting options that don’t take the statistics and scores into account.

Other NRL betting options include placing wagers on the player to be awarded Man of the Match, and placing wagers on the performance of a player. All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home or, if you have a laptop or smart phone, while you are on the go.

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Rugby Tournaments Bring Exciting Winning Opportunities

Twice a year, Australia’s love of rugby reaches fever pitch with the NRL tournaments. It is over these few weeks that betting on rugby, whether online or at a bookmaker, goes from being big business to being huge business.

The league tournaments offer sizzling hot sporting action, as well as a chance for these recommended NRL betting sites to offer exciting tournament betting options. You’ll be able to use brackets to bet on the winner of each match of the tournament, as well as on the overall victors.

The more complicated the bet, the longer the odds; and the longer the odds, the better the payout. If you’re new to online rugby betting, a good strategy to adopt is to place simpler bets until you’re comfortable enough with the more complex ones, which can often rely on an intimate knowledge of the game.

NRL Betting Strategy

When it comes to online NRL betting, many casual punters place a bet on their team as a show of support, and as something that is part of the fun. Because of the strong show of support for regional teams in Australia, you will often find that even teams with odds against them will be bet on by many people in some places.

Luckily, these recommended sites give better odds, averaged according to bets across the country. More serious punters might place a bet or two as a show of support for their favourite team, but they’ll pay attention to the odds and the statistics, i.e. the teams’ recent match history, as well as individual players’ careers.

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