Online Horse Racing Betting Tips

For centuries, playing the ponies has been a particular favourite pastime of Australian bettors and is now the second-most punted sport on the Internet, with a whopping AUD 14 billion wagered annually at horse racing betting sites.

Whether you’re an experienced punter or a new recruit to horse racing betting sites, the right horse racing tips can make all the difference between a win and a loss; a small win or a massive jackpot. The prime online sportsbooks listed on this site offer simple yet comprehensive horse betting tips. We also have a few basics to get you going.

When you first start at horse racing betting sites, the most intimidating thing is likely to be the vast number of apparently highly complex bets on offer. Therefore, the first of our horse racing tips is that you should know your bets.

The numerous types of bets on offer can be classified into four broad categories: Win and Place bets, Exotic bets, Multi bets, and special bets.

As its name suggests, a Win is a straight bet that requires you to pick the winning horse, whereas, to make a Place bet, you must predict the horses that will come in second and third. There are several types of Win and Place bets.

Exotic bets like Quinellas, Exactas, Trifectas, First Four and Quadrellas take it a step further and involve horse racing betting on the top three placing horses or more.

Multi bets like Doubles, Trebles and Parlays are more extensive wagers that involve making predictions across a series of races.

In addition to these standard bets, other special bets are occasionally on offer to make things more interesting.

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Know your Racing Horses

The most important factor in horse racing betting sites is, of course, the horse. The horse betting tips furnished by the bookmakers on our list include detailed facts and statistics regarding all of the horses in the running ahead of each race. Here you will be able to find out each horse’s name and number, win-loss percentages, whether it is on a winning or losing streak, the name of its owner and trainer, its record on that particular track, and more.

Our online bookmakers will also tell you which horse is the favourite for a particular race.

Know your Horse Racing Jockeys

Next, you need to consider the jockeys in the running. A horse and a jockey function as a team so you can’t consider one without the other. With the horse betting tips on our horse racing betting sites, you will be able to check out each jockey’s career history and other details as well as his previous results riding the same horse.

Tip for Horse Racing Track

You will know, from consulting the horse racing tips regarding the horses, whether or not your chosen horse performs better on turf or dirt. Going over the horse racing betting tips concerning the track will tell you which kind of track a race will take place on, the current conditions of that track, the weather forecast, and so forth.

Know your Horse Racing Betting Odds

While backing a favourite may promise a greater guarantee of winning, it will also likely yield less prize money. Backing a longshot, although it may be riskier, will reward you with a much bigger payout if your pick turns out to be a winner. If you monitor the odds in relation to other horse racing tips over time, you may see long-term potential in a horse and end up beating everyone to the chase by accurately predicting a win.

By using these top horse betting tips you can increase your chances of a winning punt at Australia’s top online sports betting sites.