AFL Betting Online in Australia

There are no more enthusiastic fans in the world than football fans, and this is as true in Australia as anywhere else. Many people love to watch their favourite teams, or any two worthy opponents, square off against each other. Watching professionals play the Beautiful Game is always enjoyable, but it can be much more so if you have money riding on the outcome and are breathlessly watching events unfold. Placing wagers on Australian Football League (AFL) games is the perfect way to begin or continue your online punting journey, and we are here to show you how to conduct your online AFL betting properly.

The AFL is a very busy league, run like a well-oiled machine, and is able to offer a diverse array of possible wagers. The most basic bet is which team will win a game. Each team in the League has different odds, so often there is a points spread that you must exceed to get your full payout. This is the perfect starting block for novice players. As you become more experienced and get to know players and their teams a little better, you may wish to put money on a player scoring a certain number of points or reaching another goal in their defensive or running statistic.

The AFL bets mentioned above offer more than enough excitement, but at certain times of the year you can also make exotic multiple match punts, kicking the thrill factor into overdrive. Enough matches are run at these times to take bracket bets, where you can predict the victors in individual games and of the whole tournament. You can also place other long-term AFL bets such as who will finish the season at the top of the points ladder.

For an extra bit of fun that can be rather rewarding, some of the AFL betting sites we feature allow you to design your ultimate fantasy team of players. Besides the pleasure of creating such a side, you also stand to win big if yours is chosen as the best. However you feel like indulging in your love of football, we have a punting activity for you.

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Deciding who to put money on should never be taken lightly, and as with all online betting in Australia, we recommend that you do as much research as you possibly can before placing any AFL bets. Follow the facts and statistics, including sports reporters’ opinions, ladder standings, injury reports and odds. You should also consider playing conditions and how different teammates interact with each other. The advantage of remote betting is that you can research as much as you wish on the internet, to make really informed decisions. With all the data in hand, there is also a place for listening to your instincts, but we strongly discourage giving into your emotions about a team or player when making your AFL footy betting decisions. Try to stay as objective as possible.

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The best online betting sites treat football and AFL footy betting the same way they treat their customers – with the respect that they deserve. Anything is possible in an AFL game, and a favourite can end up at the bottom of a ladder, so they are always exciting. The thrilling possibilities of the beautiful game can really yield beautiful rewards if played correctly. Try your hand at one of our reviewed Australian online betting sites now and possibly receive free bets online.